FlashFish Solar S-1 Series 48V Stackable LiFePO4 Battery

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  1. High Charge And Discharge Current
  2. Deep Cycles And Brand New Cells
  3. Built-in BMS protection and equalization function
  4. Optional screen, and optional APP with Bluetooth
  5. Maximum 2 series, 16 parallel
  6. Stronger metal shell


Product Parameter

Battery cell type:3.2V 200AH LiFePO4(lithium iron) cells × 16pcs/8S2P
Nominal voltage :25.6V ; Nominal capacity:10240WH
Battery life cycle:2000+ (0.5C Charge/Discharge, 100%DOD, 80% of original capacity remaining)
BMS spec:Continuous current 300A, Instantaneous MAX.current 900A
Charge voltage:28.8 — 29.2V ; Charge current:100A Max
Communication:CAN/RS485 (optional assembly)
Battery warranty:3 Years (optional 5 Years)
Working temperature: -10°C To 55°C


Connecting cables


Net Size: 520×500×175mm
Net Weight: 90KG
Gross Weight: 105KG


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