Flashfish Solar K48160 5KW 8.2KWh Solar Generator With 10x SP250

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Mobile energy storage system, used for temporary electricity or outdoor electricity,assembly pulley can move; Inverter can directly output AC voltage, can provide tem-porary power for electrical appliances.

1.Widely used in outdoor or emergency electricity, suitable for camping, outdoor work, market stalls and other temporary electricity scenarios.

2.Intelligent BMS management, with overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, balance and other protection functions.

3.Lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are about 60 percent lighter than lead-acid batteries, are more efficient and last longer.

4.Support a variety of charging methods,photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, diesel power generation, grid charging.

5.Multiple output interface,Three-hole socket ×2,USB×2, LED lamp ×2, 12VDC round hole ×4, LCD display ×1, cigarette lighter ×1, EC5×1.

6.Integrated design, users only need to connect the power generation equipment,can be used normally.



Product Parameter

Capacity:4096Wh(25.6V 160Ah)
AC output: 3000W (Peak 6000W)
USB port: 2x 5V 2A
DC Output port: 12V 10A
AC Input: 30A (25.6V 768W / 51.2V 1536W)
AC input: 28.8V-29.2V/20A
Battery: LiFePO4


AC 30A Charge Cable x1


Net Size: 470×310×390mm(3KW 4KWh)/520×370× 520mm(3KW 6.6KWh/5KW 8.2KWh)
Net Weight: 51.85KG(3KW 4KWh)/81.62kg(3KW 6.6KWh)/90.41KG(5KW 8.2KWh)

Gross Weight: 64KG/97KG/106KG

Q1:can i charger the products while a device is plugged in?

A:Yes, you can.The product supports simultaneous charging and discharging.

Q2:Why does the usb output operation indicator light up, the load device has no charging input or can't work normally

A: Please check whether the load device is broken firstly. If the device is normal, press the USB Button to restart the output.

Q3:What's included in the packing list?

A: The following items are included: AC power cord, user manual

Q4:Can it be used to jump start a car?

A: We are very sorry, but it cannot be used to jump start a vehicle. However, it can be used as power supply for automobiles. You can recharge the car via a Jackery power supply cord, which is available for purchase separately.

Q5:How to keep this product when it is not used for a long time?

A: If the battery is to be unused for a long time (more than 3 months), it should be maintained at 60-80% of the rated capacity (it’s recommended to check and charge every 3 months). Store it in a dry and cool place with temperature range between 0 ℃~40 ℃, and humidity 0%~60%. Avoid contact with corrosive substances, and far from fifire and heat sources.


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