Have you got your preparedness plans ready for disasters or emergencies?

FlashFish offers backup power solutions for the home that prepare you for any unexpected situations.

Our high-tech cells of solar panels are built to optimize every ounce of glorious sunlight, allowing for the best solar absorption to support your power needs.  


FlashFish is one of the leading manufacturers of efficient solar generators, which are perfect for home backup and outdoor use. The FlashFish Solar Generator is one of the most popular models on the market, and for good reason. It’s a reliable model that is easy to use and provides plenty of power.


The generator is powered by solar panels, which makes it environmentally friendly and very efficient. It can be used to power lights, appliances, and other devices in your home, and it’s also great for camping or other outdoor activities.

Quiet at night

A Jackery Solar Generator does not have any moving parts,making them operate at close to silence.

Runs on Clean Energy

Solar generators use solar panels to capture the energy from the sun and they emit no odour or fumes.

Safe to Use Indoors

Jackery solar generators don't require fossil fuels or emit fumes, they can safely be used indoors.

Soalr Generator F132

1. With 1041.6Wh / 325500mAh big capacity

2. AC pure sine wave output

3. Support use while in charging

4. Up to 1000W AC output, peak power 2000W

5. 2000 times cycle LiFePO4 battery

6. Fast charging QC3.0 USB port, Type-C port

7. Intelligent BMS system, multi safety protections

8. Run 19 devices simultaneously

Soalr Generator P60

1. 520Wh / 140400mAh big capacity

2. AC pure sine wave output

3. Up to 500W AC output, peak power 1000W

4. Fast charging QC3.0 USB port, Type-C port

5. Intelligent BMS system, multi safety protections

6. Mini fans build-in at 2sides, fast heat dissipation

7. Run 11 devices simultaneously

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