FlashFish Solar Generator for Camping

Harness solar energy and power up your devices even while camping or exploring the great outdoors!

FlashFish Solar Generators are your reliable camping companion anywhere you go.

Explore the wilderness with our portable handheld power backups and power your awesome outdoor adventure today!

Different Types of Camping with FlahsFish and Why FlashFish?

Campers often explore the woods and build camps in different ways, requiring different levels of preparation dependant on location, duration, weather conditions, etc.

The most popular camping types consist of:


Off-Gird Tent Camping


RV or Van Camping


Car Camping


DIY Camping

Camping is a great experience when exploring the outdoors – set up a temporary shelter up close and personal to nature. When camping in public national parks, forests, mountains or beaches, unforeseen circumstances happen, however.

This is why you require a reliable camping companion making your experience safe, cozy, relaxing and memorable.

FlashFish is the ideal camping companion. Jackery Solar Generator and solar panels absorb clean, renewable energy to power all gadgets and electronic devices when camping. From powering appliances including coolers, ovens, microwaves, TVs, and grills to charging gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

FlashFish solar power generators will power all devices for continued usage.

Camping Essentials for Your Perfect Cozy Camping Trip

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